Review: You’d Be Home Now by Kathleen Glasgow

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WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers. Read at your own risk!

You’d Be Home Now by Kathleen Glasgow is one of those books I probably would’ve passed over without a second thought if it weren’t for bookstagram! I am so thankful that I paid attention to a review about it that randomly popped up into my newsfeed one day. This book is powerful.

CW: addiction and drug use

The Synopsis:

“For all of Emory’s life, she’s been told who she is. In town, she’s the rich one–the great-great-granddaughter of the mill’s founder. At school, she’s hot Maddie Ward’s younger sister. And at home, she’s the good one, her stoner older brother Joey’s babysitter. Everything was turned on its head, though, when she and Joey were in the car accident that killed Candy MontClaire. The car accident revealed just how bad Joey’s drug habit was.

Four months later, Emmy’s junior year is starting, Joey is home from rehab, and the entire town of Mill Haven is still reeling from the accident. Everyone’s telling Emmy who she is, but so much has changed, how can she be the same person? Or was she ever that person at all?

Mill Haven wants everyone to live one story, but Emmy’s beginning to see that people are more than they appear. Her brother, who might not be cured, the popular guy who lives next door, and most of all, many ghostie addicts who haunt the edges of the town. People spend so much time telling her who she is–it might be time to decide for herself.

Inspired by the American classic Our Town, You’d Be Home Now is Kathleen Glasgow’s glorious modern story of a town and the secret lives people live there. And the story of a girl, figuring out life in all its pain and beauty and struggle and joy.”

Read This If You Love…

  • Books about mental health
  • Coming of age stories
  • Personal growth of characters

It’s finally peaceful now that my wild and troubled brother is gone.

And I feel guilty about loving this peace.

My Review

Wow. Wow wow wow wow.

You’d Be Home Now is the story I didn’t know I needed. I think it’s incredible that even at 28, almost 29, years of age I am learning more lessons from young adult novels now than I’ve learned from any other genre.

Kathleen Glasgow has created an amazing story about a brother-sister duo battling high school while all eyes are on them because of a serious incident that happened over the summer that impacted their small town in many ways.

While this novel might seem intense to be a YA novel to some, I think it accurately depicts what it is like to be a teenager nowadays. I mean, I was in high school from 2007 to 2011, but I still dealt with many things that were in this novel: bullies, drugs, peer pressure, parental pressure, not feeling good enough, and so much more.

This is also an incredible story about life before death, and the importance of doing what you want in life whether it means traveling the world or reading all of the books or working in a doughnut shop- as long as it is what YOU want, then there is no time to waste in living your dream!

Anyways, I loved it.

I think everyone needs to read this novel. EVERYONE. Regardless of age.

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